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Saturday, June 02, 2007


Tarpit lyric sheets sometime. MAYBE. There will be one but people should check out the cd if they want, that has lyrics now. I will post up a pdf so everyone can read about Mitch Williams failure to a whole nation. And anyways, you should just be moshing to Tarpit.

Here's an interview with Mike Lawson from this past fall. It was in Collapse Records fanzine #5. I only made like 40 of em so check it out. Colts won the super bowl so Mike obviously is living on a high.


Interview done on 10.8.2006 with Mike Lawson, singer of TARPIT. Jason was in the room so he chimes in here and there.

Collapse: Whets the Colts season look like so far?
Mike Lawson: 4-0, lookin good. Cruising along. Looking pretty sloppy against the Titans right now. But I have faith, they'll pull it out. Super bowl favorites

Collapse: What is the new Tarpit record about?
Mike Lawson: Hmmm, it's kinda all over the place I think Different for us. Some songs are hard, some fast. Some hard and fast

Collapse: Whets your favorite song on the record? Whets Jason's favorite song on the record?
Mike Lawson: Mine is "mitch williams". Jason's is "we're all assholes"

Collapse: Do you think Jason is an asshole?
Mike Lawson: Yo. Jason is soooo whack. That song was written about jason kinda. Like I used to bust his balls about dating this chick that was a lot younger than him, and like a year or so later I was with a girl the same age. And I kinda felt bad for ragging on him.

Collapse: Talk about Mitch Williams, the dude, the song and why you wrote that jam.
Mike Lawson: I could go on for hours about how my boy mitch williams is a piece of trash and deserves to be tarred and feathered in the parking lot of citizens bank park. But I'll condense it for you... This dude, mitch, he's like the hardest closer in baseball in 1993, the phillies are the hardest team in baseball in 1993. Mitch Williams cost the phillies the world series with a walk off homer in game 6. And he never recovered. He had to retire, and Philadelphia baseball has never been the same. And I have never been the same. My life peaked in 1993. I was 11 years old. And the phillies were in the world series. It's kind of depressing.

Collapse: Tarpit repped Virginia Beach pretty hard, but now Mick moved to Richmond. What do you think about all that?
Mike Lawson: It's whack. 1/2 of tarpit lives in Richmond now. It's chill though I guess, me and jason are still holding it down shore style in VB.

Collapse: What is the biggest misconception about Virginia Beach?
Mike Lawson: That it's sweet. And that we're rednecks. People think cause it's kinda "southern" we're all a bunch of hillbillies. VB is the largest city in VA and it's a beach town. Totally not rural.

Collapse: Whets the weirdest show Tarpit has ever played?
Mike Lawson: Hmmmm. Wierdest? Or worst? Jason just said Tehachapi but that was just bad, not really weird.
Collapse: Weirdest.
Mike Lawson: I got a couple. One time we played VB after Dave had quit the band, and it was a bad show, and I guess dave was bored or something and wanted to play, so we kept switching out instruments, like dave would drum, jason would play bass, and zach would sit out. And I guess that was just kinda cool, not real weird. Another one...
Mike Lawson: One time we played Emporia, VA. And we played with this band called Cutback 2000. Alright, well this dude Nick Randerson totally hard dude. Wierd guy, like mix the night stalker with like, I dunno, fuckin bruce willis. Well this guy hunts deer or some shit. And totally brought this deer carcass to the show. And during our set he just started moshing with the dead deer, and it offended some vegan dudes or some shit and a big brawl broke out, long story short... Cutback 2000 is a sick ass band. Emporia hardcore.

Collapse: What do you do for a living?
Mike Lawson: I'm a pipefitter. It's cool. I'm on a government job right now bringing in $24.20 an hour. I'm happy with it.
Collapse: Do the dudes you work with make fun of you for having a sidekick? What do they make fun of you for?
Mike Lawson: Yea, they rag on me for the sidekick, and for being vegetarian. And for being straight edge- Dude, endless shit for being edge. I can take it, I dish it out.

Collapse: Is Tarpit an edge band?
Mike Lawson: No. There were points where everyone in the band was edge. But our new bass player, Boone, is a boozer. Even when we were all edge we didn't rep it or anything

Collapse: Whets the one band from Virginia Beach that everyone should know of or at least know about.
Mike Lawson: Ever: holdXout. What can I say about these fuckin dudes. Alright the time was 1999, the dudes were young, the pos-tops were groomed. Some young dudes, including members of tarpit, rockin this legit ass positive youth crew band. I was like the holdXout super fan, didn't play an instrument back then. But they were sweet. Unappreciated band. Only had a demo. One time they did a billy idol cover. Hard as shit.
Current: I think the obvious answer is Victim. They are really good and never get to play out. But there are other good new bands here.... Mission Statement, Map The Growth, Brainwhack... All new bands that deserve some street credit.

Collapse: Ok - Last question. Give me a good, funny, or awkward story about every member of Tarpit.
Mike Lawson: Boone-bass. Dude is like 22 or so? Maybe 23. He's kissed one girl ever, he was 16. And she ended up dating one of his best friends. Dude is a pussy.
Mick- guitar. I'm not circumcised. One time on tour, I had my dick out for some reason, and I guess he didn't have his contacts in or something. So he has his face like an inch away from my dick, squinting, trying to get a good look, and he says "I'd like to see that in an erection" totally gay.
Jason-drums. We graduated high school in 2000, I guess it was a sketchy time cause school shootings and shit. Well when we go to the big room we're getting padded down for shit, and he says "cool, I don't have a gun" and they didn't let him walk and have the grad. ceremony. And his dad almost got arrested cause he flipped out.
Collapse: and you?
Mike Lawson: Me-vocals/legit dude. One time I shit my pants 3 times in one day. And it was totally like 2 months ago. So we play this show in the mecca of hardcore, Brick, NJ. And I'm deathly ill, puking and sweating and shit. Well the next day I just have crazy hershey squirts. So I wake up, and I'm laying in Boone's pull out couch, and totally shit my pants. AHHHH! No one else was awake so I got away with it. Showered, ditched my undies. And go about my business. So I have a tattoo appointment this day. And I go to the store to down a bottle of pepto, well while I'm standing in line... I shit my pants. Hahaha. Fuck! Well I clean up as much as I could and go get inked. So I drive home, I'm laying in bed, watching some baseball, and whatdya know? I shit my pants.... AGAIN. God damn it. I'm gross.
Mike Lawson: I feel like I can come up with a better Jason story.
Mike Lawson: Jason has never showed his dick. That's lame. I guess it's small. But he gets babes. holdXout had a wiener measuring contest and he had the smallest. Gay.

Monday, May 21, 2007



mongoloids CD.
resonance 12".
resonance / permanent split 7".
tarpit repress.

more to come.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Mugre 7" Out Now

yo, got these all done. they look great, and you gotta check it out. Some fast shit. There's going to be two ways to get this one --

1. ORDER From Ramona Records -- - this store is owned Raymond, the guitar player from Mugre. He has a ton of other stuff so make sure to check that out too.This is the only way to guarantee the rarest version, though there will be some rare versions at...

2. - the best HC distro online, bar none. I work at Revelation Records so I can guarantee my opinion is not biased at all. check it.


1. Connecticut hardcore in the early/mid 90's SMOKES Boston hardcore. Cornerstone? Follow Through? Fastbreak? Break Faith? all good. check em out.

2. the new 108 material is cool.

3. Rob Liefeld's art has always sucked, but his New Mutants stuff is still cool.

4. I love video games. Should I buy a Wii? fuck.

5. SEE YOU IN NEW JERSEY, DECEMBER 13th to DECEMBER 31st. A Great way to end the year. Siked to see Living Hell, Scapegoat, DOWN TO NOTHING, Bracewar, The Mongoloids and hopefully others while I'm on the right side of the country.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


happy birthday to my little sister. she was born in niskayuna, ny but has somewhat of a new jersey accent (shore, not norfth jersey).

congratulations on being 19.

MUGRE 7" tests have been approved, after the first batch was rejected (see below, edge day content included). So hopefully,
everything will be done next week, and we will do some ordering. DO NOT TRY TO ORDER BEFORE THAT!!!

THE MONGOLOIDS had a killer time in wonderful MAINE. The official press of their 7" on AV Train / Collapse Records will be out soon.

"Go Broncos. Go America.", Sal-Queda.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Good day, Broncos won (yo, 3-1 on the road. sick.) and saw Borat, which gets like a 6.5/10, but I'm a hard guy to impress.

Just a quick update, Tarpit VULTURES cd will be available from the band soon, a slightly beat version but the world will be ok. (* a long journeyquest style version of this story will come soon).

The Mugre 7" came in, but the tests were wacked. Big thanks to my buddy Stefan at YMIXX studios ( who recut them lacquers for me. Covers are done and I will be picking them up tomorrow. Real version out by the end of the month for sure.

I'm very siked to announce that I will be helping release the official version of The Mongoloids debut 7", giving a helpful hand to the guys over at AV Train to make this thing see the light of day. They make me think of 2nd LP era Sheer Terror veined through Middlesex County.

All orders have shipped, there were a ton of paypal related issues, but thanks to nearly three weeks of daily calls issues have been resolved. Also note that I have taken down everything, this means don't order for a minute, and if you are really jonesin' go ahead and at least email me at beforehand. Thank you to everyone who ordered, it certainly helped towards the debt of putting out good music.

Sad day for the shore as Forward To Death calls it quits -- I hope that people who haven't heard this band give them that posthumous chance because they were a damn good band, and the Death Therapy LP is a record that is aging well - too bad it seems a gaggle of people slept on them. I won't even insult this band by mentioning that they are great people, because honestly thats a factor that won't even matter when you put the needle down on this one. Get at it. RIP F2D.

I'm looking for cool versions of the War Hungry 7" -- work it out.

Playlist - Fucked Up "Hidden World" :: Memorial "Berlin" :: Cruel Hand "demo" :: Mind Eraser "Glacial Reign"

Saturday, October 07, 2006


International Ordering Info... thanks for the patience.

Additional shipping costs...
Canada $5 shipping for the first LP, $2 for each additional LP
Europe $7 shipping for the first LP, $4 for each additional LP
Australia + Everywhere Else $7 shipping for the first LP, $4 for each additional LP

Canada $2 shipping for the first 7", $1 for each additional 7"
Europe $2 shipping for the first 7", $1 for each additional 7"
Australia + Everywhere Else $2 shipping for the first 7", $1 for each additional 7"

Please add these on. Be careful not to pay too much, and if you're confused about how much you should be sending for shipping, feel free to email me.

And in case anyone is curious, here's where Brick, NJ is located.
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